Wednesday, April 2, 2008

La primavera and the TLC

La primavera ha llegado and the children, parents and staff at the TLC are getting excited about the Cobden Community Garden! This will be the third year for the garden and one of our favorite things to grow is the girasol that you see to your left. Every year we have a lot of these and the birds love it. So do we because the colors are so beautiful!

This year our theme is Edible Landscaping, so we are looking for plants that not only can be eaten, but that also add beauty to the community garden. Paul and Tammy Frank have generously provided the space for our garden to flourish. The Village of Cobden provides the water that is so important throughout the growing season.

We have a beautiful mural that was painted last year on the back wall of the C-Infinity Center with the help of mural artist Jose Guajardo. Many children in the community were involved in this project and the mural tells their story about their community.

If anyone has ideas to share about edible landscaping, we would love to hear from you. In addition, we are looking for plants or seeds and involvement from the community. We will share pictures of this year's garden as we progress.