Friday, March 14, 2008


We, the staff of the TLC and all of its participants are extremely excited to now have a blog thanks to the help of Kathryn Ward, professor of sociology and women's studies, SIUC. This blog will help us share the many stories we have about the work that our students do here. Families participate in classes, tutoring, learning English and computer skills, and having fun with technology.

We look forward to telling our stories and hearing your comments!

Hasta luego


Martha said...

Hello everyone! The world of blogging is oh-so-exciting and we're incredibly happy to be a part of it!

IL Migrant Council Technology Learning Centro said...

Jeri: Bienvenidos a 21st siglo! Soy un bloguera! kbw

boliviaindigena said...


I will be following this new blog.

Regards and good luck.

Maria said...

¡Hola! Les deseo mucho √©xito en su nueva etapa.