Monday, July 21, 2008

El jardín hermoso en julio

The children at the TechnoCentro have been working so hard on the Community Garden and they are finally ready with some pictures to share. We finally got all of the garden mulched with a layer of newspaper going down first. Now we don't have to fight with the weeds so much. The kids also set up a bird feeding station this month. Best of all, they are learning to use digital/video cameras, one of which was donated by Professor Kathryn Ward of SIUC. So all of the pictures seen here were taken by them!

A friend from the community donated four hollow tree stumps to use as planters. The children decided to put all of them on the north side of the garden, which is one of the entrances. There are small zinnias growing inside. To the right is a beautiful begonia in a square raised bed in the grassy area of the Community Garden.

On the left is a view of the southern edge where we have squash plants growing along with special grasses that we are trying to cultivate along the rock border. To the right is another view of the south side with the beautiful mulch, more grasses and a view of the mural painted last year. Below is nature in action: a bumble bee on a gorgeous sunflower!

The latest news for the Community gardeners is that they will be in the annual Peach Festival parade. Walter, our maintenance man, will drive his truck and the kids will pass out garden produce and flowers as we go along the parade route. Exciting!!!!

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excellent! muy bien!

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